GPS Solutions

ITG offers a variety of GPS solutions that will work for you. We wont try and make you fit a specific product, but instead we find a perfect solution that is just right for you and your companies needs.

Why should you implement GPS?

Too much.

Fuel Cost reduction

– Monitor and reduce engine idle time
– Better Route Planning
– Reduce excessive or unauthorized miles


– Location Stop Verifications
– Monitor and Eliminate Moonlighting

Payroll Accuracy

– Inaccurate time reporting or unauthorized stops & breaks
– Time sheets
– Geofencing
– Overtime reporting / verification

More Accurate Invoicing

– Confirmation of deliveries made
– Monitor fleet usage on customers behalf

Lower maintenance Costs

– Predictive Maintenance
– Unexpected Vehicle downtime
– Monitor Engine hours

Data Driven Decisions

– Make decisions or recommendations based on real fleet data
– Assess actual driver behaviors

Fleet at-a-glance

– View your entire fleet activities, records, ccosts & locations
– Drill down reporting functionality